Continuous Health Conversation

Effective self-management support means more than telling patients what to do. It means acknowledging the patients' central role in their care. Based on our collaborative approach, providers and patients work together to define goals, set priorities, track progress, involve
family when appropriate and solve problems along the way.

How The Personal Wellness System Works

  • 1Individuals have access to a personalized health and wellness calendar they can access 24/7 (TV, Internet or mobile device).
  • 2Each individual's personalized calendar identifies important activities for that individual for that day: drug reminders, blood pressure testing, blood glucose testing, etc. Information is collected via a simple health questionnaire which tracks progress.
  • 3Reported information, via secure messaging, may be transmitted to a patient's physician, family members and friends.
  • 4Video conferencing with physicians and other providers, when necessary, is also available.